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Welcome to Quietyme’s New Hospital Noise Reduction Learning Center

These free resources have been collected from leading patient experience professionals, journals and solution providers.

Hospital Noise Research

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Decades of research have determined that reducing hospital noise improves patient sleep which in turn improves patient healing.  View these  more current studies to see how reducing hospital noise also reduces patient stress, delirium and more. 



ROI of Hospital Noise Reduction

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The opinion-based HCAHPS patient experience survey has given many hospital administrators the impression that the issue of hospital noise is subjective and impossible to define.  This is not the case.  When you reduce your hospital  noise, you can expect to see these  impressive and measurable results.



Creating a Quiet Hospital Checklist

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A  simple  checklist  is often a good way for someone new to  the position of Hospital Quiet Champion.  This guide will help you understand the issue of hospital noise  and to  make sure you are not missing some of the most important elements other Hospital Quiet Champions have already identified.



Hospital Noise Resource Guide

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There are many options to consider when reducing noise at your hospital.  From signs to sensors, consultants to ceiling tiles, relaxing music to remodeling, ear plugs to educational materials.  This Resource Guide of multiple vendors is your one-stop guide for a quiet hospital.